TV Services

IdeaTek has responded to the recent shifting of TV technologies and TV market demands
where more and more TV channel providers are streaming video directly through the internet to your home [Over the Top TV];

We discontinued our local TV service as of June 1, 2016.

TV services refers to streaming movies and TV shows from the internet
With IdeaTek’s gigabit fiber internet you will be able utilize these services to replace your old Direct and Dish TV solutions with ease. Gigabit fiber internet opens a world of possibilities and allows you to watch whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want using all your favorite devices.

Available Devices
There are a multitude of set-top boxes, streaming sticks and powerful game consoles available to provide consumers OVER THE TOP TV services. Prices can range anywhere from $35 to $400. Each device supports a select group of OVER THE TOP services.

 Boxes and Streaming Sticks          

Available Services
Once you have purchased an OVER THE TOP device you can personalize your viewing experience by utilizing OVER THE TOP services. Many of your favorite programs, shows, sporting events and websites can be viewed with the push of a button. Each service may range anywhere from free - $20 per month with no miscellaneous fees or long term contracts required.

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Is IdeaTek affiliated with DISH / DIRECTV or any other TV provider?
A: No. IdeaTek is in no way affiliated with, partnering with, or officially supporting DISH / DIRECTV or any other TV provider.   

Who do I contact to purchase gigabit fiber internet and Premium Wi-Fi for Over-the-Top TV?
A: Contact IdeaTek's sales department at 855-IDEATEK or 855-433-2835 or

Who do I contact to purchase DISH / DIRECTV services?
A: A recommended installer is Xpert Entertainment. 
1500 East 11th, Suite H1
Hutchinson, KS

Can I use other TV services with IdeaTek's Gigabit fiber internet and Premium Wi-Fi offer?
A: Yes. Using gigabit fiber internet there are many new OVER THE TOP services you can use to replace your old TV service. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Does IdeaTek offer bundles services?

A: No. IdeaTek no longer sells any bundled services. Customers have the opportunity to personalize their TV experience by purchasing their favorite TV programs from outside services. All outside services are to be acquired separately from IdeaTek, and IdeaTek no longer provides customer service support for TV services effective June 1, 2016.  IdeaTek will continue to provide high class customer service for our internet, Premium Wi-Fi and telephone services.