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Troubleshooting a Phone with Static

Delivering high quality phone service to our customers is very important to us at IdeaTek. It is important to note that phone service has many different variables, some which are our (IdeaTek’s) responsibility and some which are your (the customer’s) responsibility.

Generally, delivering dial tone thru our fiber optic network to the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) - which is the fiber modem that IdeaTek has installed at your location - is our (IdeaTek’s) responsibility. The internal building wiring and the actual phones at your residence all belong to you (the customer) and are your responsibility to maintain.

Static on a phone line tends to be caused by a physical problem with a corroded wire connection, moisture around a copper wired line, or a loose connection to a phone or wall port (jack) within the building.

If you are experiencing static on your phone line, below are a few things you may try to narrow down the problem. However, to repair physical issues with the lines you may need to contact IdeaTek Customer Service to schedule a service call.

Discover Where The Problem Begins
Here are some steps to determine if you have a defective phone or phone line.

  • Start by changing the batteries in your wireless hand-held phones. If no change then-
  • Disconnect all of the phones and wireless bases from the phone lines. 
  • Plug the phones back into the phone lines one at a time, testing the phones along the way to see if there is one trouble phone connection in the building wiring. If no change then-
  • Connect one wired phone directly into the CPE where the building's telephone originates (normally the port TEL1).  If you still have static, contact Customer Service.

Other Solutions