OVER THE TOP TV services refers to streaming movies and TV shows directly from the internet to your devices

(smart TVs, computers, tablets,gaming boxes, etc.), which is now becoming the new norm.

With IdeaTek’s gigabit fiber internet you are now able to utilize these services to replace even your cable or sattelite TV solutions with ease.

Our gigabit fiber internet opens a world of possibilities and allows you to watch whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want using all your favorite devices.

Available Devices

There are a multitude of set-top boxes, streaming sticks and powerful game consoles available to provide consumers OVER THE TOP TV services.  Prices can range anywhere from $35 to $400.  Each device supports a select group of OVER THE TOP TV services.

Set-top Boxes and Streaming Sticks

Gaming Consoles

Available Services

Once you have purchased an OVER THE TOP TV device you can personalize your viewing experience by utilizing OVER THE TOP TV services.  Many of your favorite programs, shows, sporting events and websites can be viewed with the push of a button.  Each service may range anywhere from free - $20 per month with no miscellaneous fees or long term contracts required.