Managed Phone Systems (VOIP)

IdeaTek can help you put your business phone system (PBX) in the cloud, using Voice Over Internet Protocol - VOIP, and remove all of the unnecessary phone equipment from your business premises - while providing robust business capabilities.  There are many options for businesses of all sizes, even for businesses with multiple locations on a single phone system.  Pricing is very competitive with other similar systems. Contact our sales department or 1-855-IDEATEK for more information!

Featured below is the primary equipment that is needed to put your office phone system in the cloud. Contact 855-IDEATEK to move your phone system to a Hosted VOIP solution.



IP 335 Desk Phone
  • Multiple Lines
  • Handles 8 simultaneous calls at a time
  • Dedicated RJ-9 headset port
  • Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone
  • Polycom manufactured

IP 6000 Conference Phone
  • Polycom® HD Voice™ technology
  • 220 Hz—14 kHz quality loudspeaker 
  • Microphone w/ full 12 ft. pickup range
  • Resists interference from office wireless devices
  • Dynamic noise reduction