Accessing My Voicemail

Initial Voicemail set up

IdeaTek telephone service includes the option to use our built-in voicemail.  It is normally set to 'off' when you first have our service installed.
You will need to contact IdeaTek Customer Service to have the service activated.  There is no extra charge for this service.

  1. Call to IdeaTek Customer Service: 620-543-5555 or email to during normal office hours.
  2. Ask Customer Service Rep to enable voicemail for your phone.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete voice mail set up. You will need to change your password at this time. After doing so, write it down, and place it in a secure location.

Voicemail can easily be accessed from home or remotely

Once activated, voicemails can be retrieved several ways:

    1) from the local phone (the phone that the voicemail is directly connected with),
    2) via a remote phone (a phone number that the voicemail is NOT directly connected with),
    3) via an email.

  1. From the local phone:

    a. At the local phone, pick up the receiver and listen for dial tone. 
    b. At the dial tone , key in *86 and enter your 4 digit password when prompted.
    c. Enter into the voicemail menu and follow the prompts to listen to, save, or delete voice mails.  (In this same menu is where you set up a greeting and change your password as well.)

    2) Via a remote phone:

    a. From any other phone, call your phone number. 
    b. When the voicemail greeting begins key in # then enter your 4 digit password.  Traverse the menu the same as if you were at the local phone.  (Note: If you wait until the recording of the voice mail activates, you will not be able to use any codes.)

    3) Via an email: 
    There are two options using email related to voicemails.  This will require contacting IdeaTek Customer Service to attach your email address to your phone account.

    a. 1st option is to receive an email notification when a voicemail has been left.  This will alert you to check the phone's voicemail by dialing in to it. 
    b. 2nd option is to receive an email with the actual voice mail audio file (.wav) attached to the email.  This allows you to listen to the voicemail from any internet device on which you receive emails and which has the ability to play an audio file.  Most computers and smart cellphones can do this.  (Note, when using email to listen to voice mails, you must still dial in to the phone periodically to delete voicemails and keep the voicemail box from becoming full.)
 Voicemail Management and more

Your phone system provides an active service where you can manage voicemail, block calls, forward calls, and more.  See Star Codes link below for that information.

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