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Premium WIFI

IdeaTek provides unparalleled Premium WIFI for residential and commercial customers. Your WIFI is seamlessly integrated in our fiber network, and no longer has to be your responsibility. We can help you manage and troubleshoot your private wireless signal.

For Premium WIFI customers, IdeaTek enables your Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) to be utilized as a functioning router. This establishes a private network for your use. IdeaTek then installs a modern Access Point (AP) to deliver a strong wireless radio signal throughout your home or business.

To connect to the wireless radio signal distributed by the AP, you will need to use the WIFI Network Name (SSID) and the Password provided to you by IdeaTek at the time of Install. If you no longer have access to this information you can Contact IdeaTek Customer Service for further help.

If your wireless network's radio signal has disappeared or the AP appears to not be in working condition, you may give the AP a 'hard' restart by performing the follow steps.

                  1.  Locate the CPE that IdeaTek has installed in your garage, basement, or utility room.
                  2. Locate the Wireless Power box near the CPE.
                  3. Unplug the Wireless Power box from its power source. Make sure the power source is in working condition and plug in the Wireless Power box again.
                  4.  Find the Ethernet cable that runs from the Wireless Power box to the CPE. Note the port that this line is plugged into on the CPE. Disconnect this Ethernet cord and securely reconnect the cord into the same port on the CPE.

 For all other issues please Contact IdeaTek Customer Service.